Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Task One: Introducing Myself to a "Random Stranger"

This is a picture of me at breakfast.  Here's why:


It's a sunny Wednesday morning in Los Angeles, California.  After waiting several minutes for all other customers to exit the store, Ryan*, with camera, walks up to an Unnamed Gas Station Attendant**.

Unnamed Gas Station Attendant-"Hi."


Ryan-"Okay, I'm doing a project for school*** where I have to do a different task every day and today I have to introduce myself to someone I don't know and take a picture of it."
UGSA-"Oh no."
UGSA-"Don't take a picture."
Ryan-"No picture?"
UGSA-"I don't want you to put the picture in a blog or something and [write about me]."


Ryan-"Well actually that's exactly what I was going to do."
UGSA-"Yeah, so no picture."
Ryan-"Fair enough."

*our hero
***a lie

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