Thursday, April 24, 2008

Life Beckons When I Need It To Because I'm Scared

A combination of a busy few days and excessive fear has as of yet precluded me from taking on Task Two*.  Nevertheless, let's take a look ahead at Task Three: throw away something you like.  Being both a touch of a magazine fanatic and petrified to part with anything made of equal or greater quality than plastic, I was led to an obvious conclusion.  So, today**, I'm throwing away a bunch of old magazines I'd stored up***.  The top mag of the bunch is pictured above.

*but F that, it's happening tomorrow.
**the impromptu day of Task Three.  Also, Thursday.
***I almost didn't insert this footnote, but here it is.  This is raw.  This is the real deal: Of the magazines I'd saved up, I'd saved them in two separate categories.  One: "I like them, but I could part with them in such an instance as someone making me throw out a bunch of magazines in a symbolic gesture of personal growth and acceptance of change", and Two: "There's no f'ing way I'm throwing these magazines out."  Which pile hit the recycling bin****?  Goodbye "Wizard" March 2008, Special Issue: TV's Sexiest Women.  I loved you, but I wasn't in love with you.
****courtesy of an environmentally friendly blog (EFB)

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