Thursday, April 17, 2008

Prelude to Task Two

Ryan Braun (pictured above*), newly prolific blogger, writes:

Task Two in The Book** is called, "The Love of Your Life."***  All I've done is open the page and already I'm afraid to commit to it.  I'm supposed to gaze at everyone as though they are the love of my life, and then, "act in consequence".****  Of all the tasks I've done so far (this would be the second), I look at Task Two as the one most likely to end in my arrest.  Even more so then the dreaded stealing to take place on Day 163.



*Self Portrait (done by natural light and iPhone)
**"This Book will Change Your Life", by Benrik*****
***I can never remember which side of the quotation mark 
the period goes in an instance such as this: 

." or ".   

****Still don't know.  But now I figure one of them is right.

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