Thursday, April 24, 2008

Joe Madureira: The Greatest Comic Book Artist in the World

So I didn't throw out the Wizard magazine*.  I was rummaging through it and stumbled upon the top 10 "hot"** comic artists list.  Now, being the emotionally mature, 25 year old lumberjack of a man that I am, I weaned myself off comic books days ago (the "Wizard" magazine prominently displayed on my coffee table notwithstanding).  Taken by nostalgia, I got to reading this list that I'd read monthly through my formative years until I started paying for my own comic books and had to pear down my selections.  Sitting there in second place was my childhood favorite.  Joe Madureira.  I grew up on Joe Madureira.  When I was 16, I remember grooming myself to be a Madureira/Michael Jordan hybrid***.  One thing led to another and I'm back on the wagon.  I looked up what he's been up to recently and posted something above.  It came out a little small, but it's pretty freaking cool.  He draws a killer Spider-Man, which is kinda the way to my heart as comic books artists go.  So here's to you Joe Mad****  Number two on the list.  Number one in my heart.

# 1 fan,


**"hot" meaning "popular" (This list of comic artists does not 
in any way correlate to the list of "hot" sexy women, also in the magazine).
***mission accomplished.
****insider's nickname for "Joe Madureira"

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