Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Background Edition

For the longest time (until today) I almost didn't write a blog (something which, by all accounts, seems like an endeavor I'd enjoy) because I was terribly unsure I had either anything interesting to write about or anyone to read anything I'd written.  So today I bought a book called, "This Book will Change your Life" (it did and I started a blog).  In this assumedly remarkable book, there are a bunch of tasks to do in a year (something like 365 tasks) to spice up the average life.  With the newfound comfortability (apparently not a word?) gained from this book (whenever I need to, I'm ripping off its ideas), let the blogging commence.

Blog 1 (The Background Edition): 

My name is Ryan.  I'm 25 and I look like this (see top of page*).  

At this point (sentence 2) of the biography, I've panicked and looked to The Book for help. The first page I opened to is Day 163.  Day 163 tells me to steal.  "Shoplift Today."  The book also notes not to do the stealing three times in the state of California (presumably the site of the crime), where the penalty for such repetitive criminality is 25 years to life.

It also occurs to me that, in recording my plan here, I'm leaving my potential legal defense team in a pickle.  Thus, I think I'm going to start at the beginning of the book, and cross Day 163 when I come to it.



*not Spider-Man

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