Sunday, May 11, 2008

LeBron James is pretty freaking, a myriad of other musings!

So obviously I've been slacking.  I realize that.  I've withdrawn my patent application anointing myself, "the Cal Ripken of the blogspot"*.  Here's the skinny...come May, with the NBA Playoffs and all**, it gets to be a busy time of the year for me.  I've consulted my Mother***, and returned with what I'm assured to be the solution for any of life's upheaval:

Ryan Braun's "To Do List" (May 11, 2008):

1) I will get back to my semi-daily blogs about the book that is to change my life.  I've delved two pages in thus far, and yes, I would say my life got incrementally better with each one.
2) Clean my apartment.  I will feel better about myself, thus leading to:
3) My asking a beautiful woman for a date.  "What's the worst that could happen?  They say no.  Great!  Then you'll have time to watch your basketball game."



*I'm from MD
**Technically, I have no affiliation 
with the NBA or any of its franchises.****
***Happy Mother's Day!*****
****In actuality, I'm convinced my spending 
fourth quarters in a defensive stance helped the Cavs 
to the finals last year******.  Also, it toned my thighs.
*****Official Mother's Day Reference
******the NBA: where delusion happens.

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